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Field Ion Emission in an Atom Probe Microscope Triggered by Femtosecond-Pulsed Coherent Extreme Ultraviolet Light

3D pulsed laser atom probe tomography (APT)  is an atomic scale materials characterization and 3D imaging method utilizing ultrafast pulses to induce photon assisted field ion evaporation in certain materials. Currently, modern APT measurements employ coherent, pulsed near ultraviolet (NUV) light to induce ...

by Brad Sohnlein

Tags: High Harmonic, XUUS, Ti:Sapphire, HHG, EUV, extreme ultraviolet source, materials characterization, spectroscopy, ultrafast spectroscopy, Atom Probe Tomography

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High conversion efficiency of an optical parametric amplifier pumped by 1 kHz Ti:Sapphire laser pulses for tunable high-harmonic generation

The maximum photon energy achievable in high harmonic generation is proportional to the square of the excitation wavelength. Due to this scaling, extreme ultraviolet (XUV) light generation requires intense infrared pulses as the excitation wavelength. Converting ultrafast pulses from Ti:sapphire to longer wavelengths through optical parametric ...

by Daisy Raymondson

Tags: High Harmonic, Ti:Sapphire, EUV, soft X-ray, OPA

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Sub-Wavelength EUV Imaging with 12.6nm Spatial Resolution Employing 13.5nm High Harmonic Beams

We demonstrate a record sub-wavelength 12.6 nm spatial resolution for EUV imaging using 13.5 nm illumination from a high-harmonic light source. Modulus enforced probe ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging allows for large-field quantitative imaging of near-periodic objects.

by Mancini G.; Gardner D.; Tanksalvala M.; et.al.

Tags: EUV

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Wide Field-of-View Reflection-Mode Ptychographic Imaging Microscope with Tabletop 12.7 nm High Harmonic Illumination

High-resolution imaging is an invaluable tool for understanding nanoscale systems. In particular, tabletop extreme ultraviolet (EUV) coherent diffractive imaging (CDI) techniques based on high harmonic generation (HHG) can combine femtosecond (fs) pulse durations with nanometer resolution and elemental-, spin-, electronic-and ...

by Tanksalvala M; Porter C; Gerrity M; et al.

Tags: HHG, Coherent Diffractive Imaging, EUV

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General-purpose, wide field-of-view reflection imaging with a tabletop 13  nm light source

Lensless imaging with short-wavelength light is a promising method for achieving high-resolution, chemically sensitive images of a wide variety of samples. The use of 13 nm illumination is of particular interest for materials science and the imaging of next-generation nanofabricated devices. Prior to this work, there was an unmet need for ...

by Porter C; Tanksalvala M; Gerrity M; et al.

Tags: Coherent Diffractive Imaging, EUV

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Generation of High Harmonics of Coherent Radiation in the Extreme Ultraviolet Spectral Range in the Low-Intensity Regime

Generation of high harmonics is the only available way to obtain coherent extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and soft X-ray radiation in laboratory conditions. We present a system for high harmonics generation and study of its parameters. Capillary waveguide filled with Ar gas is used to convert the pumping laser radiation from a Ti:Sapphire mode-locked ...

by Dimitrov N; Stoyanov L; Stefanov I; et al.

Tags: HHG, EUV

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Coherent Ptychographic Imaging Microscope With 17.5nm Spatial Resolution Employing 13.5nm High Harmonic Light

High-resolution imaging is an essential tool for understanding nanoscale systems. In particular, tabletop extreme ultraviolet (EUV) coherent diffractive imaging (CDI) techniques based on high harmonic generation (HHG) are ideal for investigating complex nanostructured systems, including their ...

by Tanksalvala M; Gardner D; Mancini G.

Tags: HHG, Coherent Diffractive Imaging, EUV

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Complex EUV imaging reflectometry

Spatially resolved 3D composition determination and dopant profiling with a tabletop 13nm source

With increasingly 3D devices becoming the norm, there is a growing need in the semiconductor industry and in materials science for high spatial resolution, non-destructive metrology techniques capable of determining ...

by Christina L. Porter

Tags: Coherent Diffractive Imaging, Semiconductor, EUV

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Ultrafast Coherent EUV at 25-50nm

The Coherent Astrella® ultrafast amplifier, combined with the KMLabs XUUS high-harmonic-generation (HHG) system, provides stable, high quality, coherent EUV light with photon energy in the range of 25-50 eV, at flux levels enabling a range of scientific applications. by Xiaoshi Zhang, Eric Mountford, Matthew Kirchner, and Henry Kapteyn

Tags: High Harmonic, XUUS, EUV

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