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Simplifying service for advanced technology.

For 25 years, KMLabs has been the technical leader in ultrafast laser technology and brings this experience to bear on all of our product development and service. Our newest, commercially-engineered RAEA, XUUS, and Stryde, systems are designed to maximize your experimental up-time. Remote diagnostic and optimization capabilities mean that system tune-ups can be done without the need for a full service visit and, with drop-in modules, many parts of the system that need to be serviced by hand can be sent directly back to the factory for repair. For complex issues, our talented engineering team is still available for site visits. 

An impressive legacy.

Cutting-edge ultrafast laser systems from 15, 10, or even 5 years ago can require more attention to maintain their performance.  Maintenance plans are available and recommended for these systems. We are also committed to empowering our customers to make adjustments themselves whenever possible, saving the cost and delay of an onsite service visit.

If you have one of our older systems, contact us for a free consultation and remote support.  Additionally, if you have new group members in your lab trying to familiarize themselves with the system, our experts can provide a training and system tune-up via video conference.

The best level of support for your needs.

All KMLabs products come with a one-year warranty for parts and labor.

Options beyond the one-year warranty are based on the plan that best suits your requirement levels.

A team you can count on.

As a company known for its innovative development, we've made a practice of hiring the best and brightest laser scientists to develop our cutting edge instrumentation. Our Service organization has direct access to these resources, enabling fast and efficient solutions to the most challenging problems. 

Additional service options outside the US

For technical support and onsite service outside the US, you also have the option of contacting these authorized service organizations


Transientek provides service and sales in China for RAEA, Wyvern, Griffin, and Collegiate systems


AA Service Tech provides service outside the US for Dragon, Wyvern, Griffin, and Collegiate systems


Service & Support

  • For all service inquiries, contact us at support@kmlabs.com
  • Phone: +1 303.944.5068 ext. 2