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With world-leading R&D efforts in high harmonic generation (HHG) and highly-cascaded harmonic generation (HCHG), KMLabs focuses on delivering the optimized tabletop ultrafast laser sources that span VUV - EUV - soft X-ray range of the spectrum, ie. 1 to 200 nm, at femtosecond/attosecond timescales.


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KMLabs' XUUS is the EUV source for the world’s first phase-sensitive EUV imaging reflectometer .  This work represents a fundamentally new and useful approach for imaging nanostructures and nanomaterials. 

KMLabs' 13nm XUUS is the HHG source used for the printing of 20nm pitch line/spaces (a world record) using interference lithographic imaging of an Inpria metal-oxide resist under high-NA conditions.

Recap of KMLabs' co-founder, Dr. Margaret Murnane's 5/14 CLEO Plenary Speech on "Harnessing Attosecond Quantum Technologies".

KMLabs' XUUS-5 integrated in-situ with Spectra-Physics Solstice® Ace™ delivers high-flux 30-120 eV EUV photons

KMLabs' XUUS-5 delivers exceptional performance when driven directly by Light Conversion's PHAROS laser, enabling a range of scientific applications in an ultracompact setup.

KMLabs' Hyperion VUV was featured by Prof. Katherina Kohse-Hoinghaus in the opening lecture of 38th International Symposium on Combustion (1/25-1/29/2021 Adelaide, Australia) as one of the three promising combustion technologies!

Expand your photon Access from IR to EUV 

Table-top ultrafast EUV laser sources enabled by pairing the KMLabs XUUS with a variety of IR driving lasers. 

Understand how the existing IR driving lasers in your lab can be integrated with KMLabs' XUUS to produce EUV photons today.

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We are constantly pushing the boundary of technological developments and expanding the knowledge of ultrafast laser sources.  Stay up to date on the newest developments.





Advanced Laser Technology for the Most Demanding Applications

 KMLabs is the leader in ultrafast laser and x-ray science, having brought the first sub-10fs lasers and coherent EUV sources to market.  See what is being accomplished using our products.

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