Ultrafast solutions for advanced materials science

Enabling next generation materials characterization through ultrafast laser based high harmonic generation

Materials scientists are on a quest for tools and techniques that allow them to better characterize and develop novel materials.  High harmonic techniques are opening promising new avenues of inquiry for researchers in the field with the potential to revolutionize how we understand materials.


High Harmonic Techniques

Many customers are building laboratory instruments to investigate material science that has traditionally only been accessible at synchrotrons and free electron laser (FEL) facilities. Access to these facilities is challenging. XUUS is dramatically superior to the homebuilt instruments, both in terms of performance and reliability, and enables access to techniques using the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) region of the spectrum, including photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM), time-resolved ARPES, Nano ARPES, magnetics, multi-modality imaging, coherent diffractive imaging, ptychography, spin dynamics, phase transitions, charge transport, electronic and elastic properties of materials and nanostructured media, and metrology in nanostructures.

  • Proven table-top EUV and Soft X-ray femtosecond laser source
  • Ease of use, high stability and >90% up time
  • Track record of high impact publications enabled by XUUS, and expertise in implementation
  • Synchrotron science in your lab


Coincidence Spectroscopies (VMI and COLTRIMS)

XUUS eXtreme Ultraviolet Ultrafast Source based on High Harmonic Generation

High-harmonic generation in periodically poled waveguides