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From the pioneer in robust, engineered EUV systems

Good news: you no longer have to dedicate your laboratory resources to building a high harmonic generation (HHG) system. The 5th generation of KMLabs' XUUS™ extreme UV ultrafast source is a turnkey system that gets you right into your experiment. XUUS 5 is a coherent EUV/soft X-ray light source based on high harmonic generation. It is a fully-engineered and integrated commercial source based on a single robust opto-mechanical platform. 

How does HHG work?  Learn the physics of HHG by clicking here

XUUS 5 upconverts ultrafast laser pulses into the Extreme UV (EUV or XUV) or soft X-ray regions of the spectrum. Employing HHG processes, the output beam inherits the coherent properties of a driving laser such as the KMLabs RAEA with wavelengths that can be tuned from ~10 to 50 nm. Moreover, customized systems can generate coherent beams with wavelengths as short as 6 nm. The XUUS 5 employs KMLabs' patented hollow waveguide for the high harmonic up-conversion process.

The XUUS hollow-core fiber, or waveguide, architecture enables harmonics generated by the system to be distinguished from other HHG methods, guaranteeing your harmonics originate from the same point in space every time, minimizing any pointing drift. This architecture optimizes repeatability for your experiments. Additionally, the use of a fiber--rather than typical gas jet or semi-infinite gas cell target geometries--provides superior pressure tunability for phase-matched HHG. Now you can choose robustness without sacrificing flexibility.

Learn what's different about the XUUS 5 compared to previous generations.

XUUS 5 Spectra-1



Features that achieve significant benefits:

  • Patented high harmonic conversion in a hollow waveguide for optimum conversion, stability, repeatability and robustness.
  • EUV flux can exceed > 1×1012 ph/sec for the most demanding applications.
  • Ultrastable, 4-axis active stabilization of the beam, generating an EUV beam intensity and wavefront stability comparable to visible-IR lasers.
  • High average power handling capability driving next generation experiments.
  • Diagnostic cameras for performance monitoring and alignment control.
  • Graphical, intuitive software control.
  • Stable, industrial optical mounting on a temperature-stabilized platform.
  • A growing family of application-specific beamlines delivering photons tailored to your experiment.
  • Highly coherent, laser-like EUV (XUV) / SXR.
  • XUUS system configurations to generate soft X-rays to wavelengths ~6 nm.
  • Waveguide design allows efficient use of high-pressure gas with minimum gas usage: 1000x less than a gas jet geometry and up to 1000x greater efficiency.
  • XUUS output can be optimized for different applications: ARPES, imaging, transient absorption, MOKE, XMCD.
Wavelength Flux* Repetition Rate Pointing Stability Power Stability
30 nm >5x1012 ph/sec per harmonic 1 - 20 kHz <5 µrad RMS <5% RMS
13 nm >1010 ph/sec per harmonic 1 - 10 kHz <5 µrad RMS <5% RMS
6 nm >106 ph/sec per 10% BW 1 kHz <10 µrad RMS <10% RMS

*Achievable when optimally coupled to KMLabs RAEATM Ti:sapphire amplifier. Performance will vary with other driving lasers.

Featured Applications:

KMLabs’ XUUS Source Enables 1st sub-wavelength EUV 13.5 nm imaging

Wide Field-of-View Reflection-Mode Ptychographic Imaging Microscope with Tabletop 12.7 nm High Harmonic Illumination

Key wavelengths applications

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Support Documentation

Learn how the XUUS 5 HHG source can enable new capabilities in your lab by navigating to our Applications web page.