You can stop worrying about the pump

High harmonic generation is tricky enough as is without having to add the worry of your pump source. RAEA provides a hands-free system with remote chirp tuning that allows you to optimize your HHG with minimal effort.

High quality HHG

RAEA was designed with the XUUS system in mind. From better beam quality and stability, to remote alignment and lower maintenance needs, RAEA serves as a repeatable and reliable source for any of your high harmonic generation needs. The flexibility of this platform also allows you to select an amplifier optimized for your specific high harmonic generation requirements.

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RAEA as a multi-purpose tool

With the advancements we’ve made on the RAEA platform in both pulse quality and energy, you no longer need to fully commit your amplifier to just high harmonic generation. All but one of the compatible RAEA platforms provides enough energy to drive a XUUS system and then some. This allows you to expand your lab capability without needing another system. With the same harmonic performance across multiple RAEA platforms, you can select your RAEA based on the needs of your other experiments as well, without having to sacrifice high harmonic photon production.


RAEA-XUUS is a powerful combination that enables you to achieve synchrotron-like results in your own lab. Here are just some of the possible applications of this pairing:

  • CDI
  • Metrology
  • Imaging
  • Pump-probe experiments

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Committed to the cutting edge

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