High-Power Ultrafast Amplifier System

New in 2018, RAEATM tunable femtosecond single box amplifier system is KMLabs’ newest Ti:sapphire-based offering.  It is an integrated system built around a commercially-engineered architecture and rugged opto-mechanical platform, providing an unprecedented >20W output from a single box configuration.  The high flexibility system allows full power while optimizing energy to your specific experiment, dramatically shortening typical data collection times. 


  • High harmonic generation 
  • Materials research 
  • Femtochemistry 
  • THz generation 
  • Ultrafast imaging 
  • 2-Photon polymerization 
  • Pump-probe experiments 
  • Attosecond science  

 Features include

  • Computer-controlled wavelength, bandwidth, power, beam quality and repetition rate tuning 
  • <35fs pulses, <25fs with SP package. 
  • Low pedestal and high quality beam with M2 <1.3 
  • Temperature-stabilized optical platform : <0.5% RMS power stability, <10mrad RMS pointing stability 
  • Extensive data logging for remote diagnostic assistance 
  • Cryo-cooled amplifier allows both high flexibility and high pulse quality 
  • Pulse profile rigorously qualified using FROG
  • Designed and optimized to pump XUUS4 systems for high harmonic generation