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We are thrilled to announce our newest ultrafast laser technology has been selected as a Platinum 2018 


Innovation winner by Laser Focus World.

At CLEO 2018 we will be providing a sneak peek of RAEA.  An ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser system, RAEA is a solution for your most-demanding ultrafast applications:

  • Generates exceptionally short pulses with excellent pulse quality
  • Provides nearly 4X the average power of past systems
  • Offers unprecedented average power >20W from a single-box system
  • Provides exceptional stability in the lab, as well as the ability to operate 24/7 for long periods without maintenance for industrial metrology applications

RAEA employs KMLabs’ unique Permacool technology in a long-life, sealed, maintenance-free cryogenic system.

RAEA powers KMLabs XUUS ultrafast coherent EUV source—the first commercial tabletop X-ray laser system.

Pulse duration <25 fs, as well as its versatile, variable repetition-rate design enabled by cryogenic cooling, make it an ideal ultrafast laser system for demanding applications in chemical spectroscopy, materials research, and attosecond science, as well as for multi-user ultrafast science facilities.

RAEA is the latest development in advanced laser technology from KMLabs, the leader in ultrafast.

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