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EUV Sources

XUUS High Harmonic Generation 

XUUS5 Rendered Drawing-1XUUS 5 upconverts ultrafast laser pulses into the Extreme UV (EUV or XUV) or soft X-ray regions of the spectrum. Employing HHG processes, the output beam inherits the coherent properties of a driving laser such as the KMLabs RAEA with wavelengths that can be tuned from ~10 to 50 nm. Moreover, customized systems can generate coherent beams with wavelengths as short as 6 nm. The XUUS 5 employs KMLabs' patented hollow waveguide for the high harmonic up-conversion process.

Salient Features:

Photon Energy Range 20 - 1,600 eV
Flux Up to 1012 ph/s/h at source
Pulse Duration Femto- to attoseconds



IR Sources

RAEA Ti:Sapphire Amplifier System

RAEA_InnovationAwardThe award-winning RAEA has been engineered for the most challenging applications rather than the most common, and was specifically designed with the XUUS system in mind for high harmonic generation. From better beam quality and stability, to remote alignment and lower maintenance needs, RAEA serves as a repeatable and reliable source for any of your high harmonic generation needs. In addition, with the advancements we’ve made in both pulse quality and energy, you no longer need to fully commit your amplifier to just high harmonic generation. RAEA provides enough energy to drive a XUUS system and then some, allowing you to expand your lab capability without needing another system.

Salient Features:

Wavelength 790 nm
Average Power Up to 20 W
Repetition Rate 5 - 200 kHz (software adjustable)
Pulse Duration < 35 fs or < 25 fs


Griffin Ti:Sapphire Oscillator

griffin-pic-for-detail-pageThe KMLabs Griffin™ series of Ti:sapphire oscillators gives customers ultimate control over their system, are simple to maintain, and offer a wide range of performance specifications enabling many different applications.  These prism-based oscillators use Kerr lens modelocking to generate ultrashort < 12 fs pulses.

Salient Features:

Wavelength 700 - 920 nm
Average Power 550 - 1,400 mW
Repetition Rate 75 - 102 MHz (fixed)
Pulse Duration < 12 - 40 fs


Collegiate Ti:Sapphire Oscillator

Collegiate_633_webThe Collegiate™ ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser kit is the latest installment of the original KMLabs few-cycle oscillators. When it was introduced in 1994, this was the first commercial Ti:sapphire laser capable of generating pulses less than 12 femtoseconds in duration. 

Salient Features:

Wavelength 760 - 830 nm
Average Power 500 mW
Repetition Rate 75 - 102 MHz (fixed)
Pulse Duration < 12 - 25 fs


VUV Sources

Hyperion VUV Laser System

Product Image-3KMLabs Hyperion VUV, a 2019 Laser Focus World Platinum-level Innovators Award and an R&D 100 Awards Finalist, provides bright femtosecond pulses at numerous wavelengths across the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) region, from 6.0 eV (205 nm) to 10.8 eV (115 nm). The discrete tunability of the KMLabs Hyperion VUVTM vacuum ultraviolet source enables researchers to study a wide range of materials and materials properties. 

Salient Features:

Photon Energy Range 1.2 - 18 eV 
Flux Up to 1014 ph/s/h at source
Pulse Duration 200 - 300 fs

Integrated Systems

Pantheon EUV Laser System

PantheonKMLabs Pantheon™ platform is a pulsed EUV source, consisting of the necessary instrumentation for the generation of EUV light as well as a beamline to facilitate delivery of pure EUV photons to your user-supplied experimental station. Individual pulses of light from Pantheon have duration in the femtosecond regime and take the form of a laser-like, coherent, and highly focusable beam. 

Salient Features:

Photon Energy Range 20 - 1,600 eV
Flux Up to 1012 ph/s/h at source
Pulse Duration Femto- to attoseconds



Quantum Microscope

image-35KMLabs QM Quantum MicroscopeTM advanced photon imaging solution is a fully integrated, commercialized platform enabling ultrafast spectroscopy in the EUV range and high-contrast, near surface-to-subsurface imaging at the nanoscale. It enables laboratory-based 2D high contrast imaging of composition and structure, study of mechanical properties of patterned films, deep understanding of materials properties, and functional characterization of spintronic, ALD, 2D, low-density lightweight, energy, space and photovoltaic materials.

Salient Features:

Imaging Modality Coherent Diffractive Imaging
Spatial Resolution Down to 10 nm (lateral)
Height Sensitivity Down to 0.1 nm
Sample Type Vacuum compatible liquids and solids
Sample Prep None



Accessories & Components

Arterium Beamline Modules

Arterium RejectorsThe Arterium beamline modules are designed with flexibility in mind.  Various modules are available for for different functions such as removing the high power IR that is used for driving harmonics, steering, focusing, and filtering.  Please contact us to discuss your specific beamline requirements.


Salient Features:

Rejector Module Removes 99.8% of IR
Filter Wheel Module Up to 4 filters in series with a 28-filter capacity
SwitchYard Module Three-way splitter for flexibility 
Focusing Module Spot sizes down to ~ 1 mm
Monochromator Single harmonic selector
EUV Diagnostics Spectral content and flux



Eclipse Pulse Picker

eclipse-pic-for-detail-page_RecolorThe KMLabs EclipseTM is a high repetition rate, half wave Pockels cell and driver unit, designed for laser pulse picking at up to 20kHz.  The Eclipse has a minimum window of 10ns, and >90% throughput between 750-850nm.  KMLabs’ compact design allows the driver to be packaged in with the optical unit, thus minimizing the high voltage line-length, and thereby maximizing the switching speed.   The high voltage source for the Eclipse is an external, 19”w x 13”d x 3.5”h unit.

Salient Features:

Minimum Switching Window 10 ns
Switching Efficiency > 90 % for 750 - 850 nm
Driver/Cell Aperture Diameter 9 mm
Monochromator Single harmonic selector