Next Generation Laser Techniques for Nondestructive Analysis

We are entering a new era of semiconductor design where new devices are massively more complicated structurally, requiring the use of new materials and even new device EUVphysics in advanced-node designs. KMLabs’ unique technological developments in high harmonic generation (HHG) are proving to be a key enabler for characterization.

Solution technique offers:

  • Imaging of buried interfaces: compositional information, quantitative elemental/chemical/magnetic maps, interdiffusion
  • 2D high contrast imaging of composition and doping: oxide layers, dopant profiles, magnetic/elemental/chemical contrast, amplitude and phase
  • Mechanical properties of patterned films: elastic properties, strain, from monolayers to <10 nm on up
  • Materials properties: Transport, magnetic, electronic and elastic properties of materials and nanostructured media
  • Characterization of spintronic, ALD, 2D, low-density lightweight, energy, space and photovoltaic materials: optimize growth conditions, quality control


KMLabs benefits:

Correlative modalities that complete the length scale of analysis from micro to nano

See features beyond the capability of traditional modalities

Taking nondestructive analysis beyond all current techniques

Unique technology developed by KMLabs

4D real time analysis