Ultrafast Fiber Laser Solutions for Bioimaging

Empowering biological scientists to see deeper and at higher resolution and frame rates.Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Biologists, neurobiologists and physicists are using bioimaging techniques to better understand the biological structures and processes of the brain.  Over the past decade, two photon microscopy techniques have allowed researchers to see previously inaccessible neurological structures but those techniques are approaching their limits for imaging depth and resolution.  New techniques are required to allow deeper imaging and deeper understanding of the brain.

Multiphoton microscopy (including two, three photon and four photon microscopy) combines several lower energy photons to deliver the energy required to excite fluorescent proteins while also reducing the background noise that degrades images and avoiding the phototoxicity that damages tissue.  These techniques offer great promise for applications such as functional neurological imaging of intact brains and multi-modal imaging but unlocking that promise, requires an ultrafast laser with the characteristics to support researchers’ demanding needs.


KMLabs Y-Fi OPA is ideally suited to three and four photon excitation imaging, providing short, high-energy pulses at high repetition rates that will allow for the deepest mouse brain imagining available.

With its combination of high pulse energy, short pulse width and high repetition rate, the Y-Fi OPA offers researchers the ideal combination of laser characteristics to support deep bioimaging for both red and green fluorescent protein (RFP and GFP) models.  The laser’s robust design and ease of operation allows researchers to focus on their science – not laser maintenance.


Y-Fi OPA tunable mid-IR source