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Seth Cousin, Director of Products at KMLabs, gave a CLEO talk discussing KMLabs' collaboration with imec:  attolab. The aim of imec's attolab is to study ultrafast kinetics of EUV exposure processes and ultra-small pitch lithography for next generation chips. imec will study these processes with KMLabs' Pantheon EUV laser system based on tabletop scale high harmonic generation technology. 

Weren't able to connect to the live webinar?  No worries...we've got you covered!  Tap play below to see a recorded version of his talk.


A Laboratory Light Source for Ultrafast Kinetics of EUV Exposure Processes and Ultra-Small Pitch Lithography

Abstract:  An ultra-short pulsed, ultra-broadband (~13nm-~13µm) light-source has been developed to drive atto- to femto- second time-resolved studies on EUV photo-resist materials. The same source will also be used to investigate EUV driven nano-lithography.

Speaker:  Seth Cousin (KMLabs)

AuthorsS. Cousin, C. Bargsten, E. Rinard, R. Ward, E. Hosler, B. Petersen, H. Kapteyn, KM Labs| P. Vanelderen, J. Petersen, P. van der Heide, imec

Access the Technical PaperDownload PDF (Login Required – Available to Technical Attendees Only)





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