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The webinar hosted on 3/24 by the OSA Short Wavelength Sources and Attosecond/High Field Physics Technical Group showcased a very recent important technological application of attosecond science in the semiconductor industry by featuring a shared presentation between Prof. Henry Kapteyn from KMLabs and Dr. John Peterson from imec.

Below is a video clip from Henry's presentation that explained the basics of high harmonic generations and how its unique technical characteristics can be extremely useful for various applications, including in semiconductor industry.


Below is a short video that illustrates the electron wavefunction evolution during the high harmonic generation process driven by an infrared femtosecond laser.


Partnering with KM Labs and SPECS, imec launched the AttoLab in February 2019 to provide interference lithographic imaging below the 22nm pitch while also providing ultrafast ability to track the radiolysis of resists exposed to EUV using coherent sources produced with high harmonic generation. This part of the AttoLab supports the development of high NA EUV lithography. Beyond resists, with the ability to look at the physics and chemistry of materials from the first 200 attoseconds out to 200 picoseconds after an excitation event, imec will study the solid-state dynamics of 2D and topological materials needed for the sub-3 nm technology node. In this effort, we develop and use characterization spectral and imaging methods that may one day become temporal-spatial metrology. This capability helps imec to bridge the scientific and technical gap between today and the quantum age in the areas of materials, imaging metrology, and lithography.

To download the presentation slides, 


To watch the entire webinar including Dr. John Peterson' presentation, please visit the following OSA link,



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