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Attosecond light science and its application for probing quantum materials

In this paper, the authors review the development and application of coherent short wavelength light sources implemented using the high harmonic generation (HHG) process, such as the KMLabs by Brad Sohnlein

Tags: High Harmonic, XUUS, Ti:Sapphire, HHG, Coherent Diffractive Imaging, Mask Inspection, Phase Retrieval, X-Ray Imaging, Semiconductor, EUV, imaging, lithography, nanoscale characterization, semiconductor technology, VUV, ARPES, time-resolved ARPES, extreme ultraviolet source, materials characterization, quantum, soft X-ray, surface-to-near-surface, ultrafast spectroscopy

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Full characterization of ultrathin 5-nm low- k dielectric bilayers: Influence of dopants and surfaces on the mechanical properties

Ultrathin films and multilayers, with controlled thickness down to single atomic layers, are critical for advanced technologies ranging from nanoelectronics to spintronics to quantum devices. However, for thicknesses less than 10 nm, surfaces and dopants contribute significantly to the film properties, ...

by Brad Sohnlein

Tags: High Harmonic, XUUS, Ti:Sapphire, HHG, Semiconductor, EUV, imaging, nanoscale characterization, semiconductor technology, extreme ultraviolet source, nanostructures, materials characterization, surface-to-near-surface, ultrafast spectroscopy

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Complex EUV imaging reflectometry

Spatially resolved 3D composition determination and dopant profiling with a tabletop 13nm source

With increasingly 3D devices becoming the norm, there is a growing need in the semiconductor industry and in materials science for high spatial resolution, non-destructive metrology techniques capable of determining ...

by Christina L. Porter

Tags: Coherent Diffractive Imaging, Semiconductor, EUV

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