XUUS™ is a fully engineered and integrated EUV / Soft X-ray femtosecond light source and beamline for industrial and scientific application,. XUUS™ is a coherent EUV/Soft X-ray light source based on high harmonic generation (HHG). It is a fully engineered and integrated commercial source based on a single rugged opto-mechanical platform. It employs a patented (US 6,151,155) hollow waveguide for the high-harmonic upconversion process.

XUUS™ Outstanding Characteristics

• Minimized gas usage – reduced operating cost vs. alternate HHG techniques
• Engineered waveguide geometry optimized for highest conversion efficiency
• Optimal phase matching with high spatial coherence
• Waveguide offers stable and near-Gaussian coherent EUV beam
• Proprietary XUUS™ hollow waveguide cartridge allows for long lifetime and quick cartridge exchange with minimal realignment
• Automatic pump beam alignment and stabilization

XUUS Beamline Outstanding Characteristics
• Modularized XUUS™ beamline for maximized user flexibility – tailored to your application
• Modules for specific applications:
-Steering and focusing the EUV beam
-Filtering IR and selecting an individual harmonic spectral peak
-Measurement of EUV power/spectrum.
• Optimized optics for maximum EUV throughput
• Rigorous and background-free EUV flux characterization based on NIST calibrated detectors

Integrated System Outstanding Characteristics
• Fully integrated and tested single-supplier system
• Computer-controlled repetition-rate tuning to optimize EUV flux for different spectral regions