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Y-Fi™ NOPA is KMLabs’ compact laser for 2-photon microscopy as well as a variety of other applications in imaging and spectroscopy. Y-Fi NOPA  is pumped by Y-Fi HP, whose class-leading pulse duration results in reliable high peak and average power from the Y-Fi NOPA, allowing for versatility in obtaining optimal image quality and depth. The 1035 nm output from Y-Fi HP is also available for imaging and optogenetics applications.


Y-Fi NOPA uniquely delivers an ideal combination of average power, pulse energy and repetition rate to enable superior two-photon results. The primary output is wavelength-tunable from 650 to 1020 nm, covering the ideal wavelength range for a wide range of fluorophores including GFP and RFP.  The 80 nJ pulse energy at 920 nm is significantly higher than is possible with competitive Ti:sapphire or OPO-based lasers that are frequently used for two-photon microscopy, allowing for deeper tissue penetration,  while the tunable repetition-rate  (up to 7.5 MHz), makes it simple to limit sample heating effects and phototoxicity. This optimal combination of repetition rate, wavelength, and high peak power ensures optimum imaging signal-to-noise ratio while minimizing phototoxicity for each and every sample.  Additionally, Y-Fi NOPA is capable of generating pulses with durations that can be optimized over a wide range from ~10 fs to ~>100 fs for a variety of microscopy and spectroscopy applications.

  • Two-photon microscopy
  • Second- and third-harmonic generation microscopy
  • Biological tissue modification
  • Two-photon polymerization
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy
  • Seed source for larger ultrafast laser-amplifier systems


  • Match or exceed traditional oscillator-based multiphoton imaging performance with 5X less average power delivered to sample
  • Multiphoton imaging at depths beyond oscillator-based systems based on repetition rate and pulse peak power
  • Optimal <100 fs pulse duration for deep tissue imaging
  • Intuitive GUI for controlling wavelength and repetition rate with integrated diagnostics
  • Tunable repetition range 1-6 MHz (> 7.5 MHz available)
  • Small footprint 12" x 16" x 6" (30.5 cm x 41 cm x 15 cm)
  • Custom: extendable wavelength range to 1100 nm for YFP

KMLabs outlines its unique, intelligent approach to high performance ultrafast fiber lasers in Optics Express paper

One problem that has always been an issue with ultrafast fiber laser technology is that optical fiber properties change over time, changing the properties of the output, and at-times causing failure to pulse. In-general, this has been addressed in designs by limiting the performance of the laser, for example by including SESAM saturable absorbers that are susceptible to damage and degradation over time, and which limit the obtainable pulse duration.

In a recent publication in Optics Express,[1] KMLabs scientists outline their novel, intelligent patent pending approach toward obtaining consistent high performance from their Y-Fi ultrafast fiber laser. By using liquid crystal polarizer elements to control the laser, all parameters can be controlled by computer. By using intelligent optimization, the laser can operate with consistent, no-compromise performance without any SESAM saturable absorbers. This consistent performance also allows for optimization of the fiber laser amplifiers, allowing KMLabs’ Y-Fi to consistently outperform the competition, enabling new applications of fiber lasers such as the tunable infrared Y-Fi NOPA.

1. DG Winters, MS Kirchner, SJ Backus, and HC Kapteyn, “Electronic initiation and optimization of nonlinear polarization evolution mode-locking in a fiber laser,” Optics Express 25(26), 33216-33225 (2017)