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DragonTM D3 sub-25 fs Ti:sapphire Laser Amplifier

  • Real time adjustment from 1-3 kHz with no optical realignment
  • 1.5 mJ at 1 kHz repetition rate, 25 fs
  • 1.6 mJ at 10 kHz repetition rate, 25 fs


  • High harmonic generation (HHG)
  • Attosecond studies
  • Pumping OPAs and HG units
  • Materials research
  • Femtochemistry
  • Spectroscopy
  • THz generation
  • Ultrafast Imaging
  • Pump probe experiment


  • Patented cryogenic cooling of the Ti:sapphire crystal in a single-stage amplifier is available exclusively through KMLabs.
  • Vacuum cryocell that protects the crystal using a sealed, internal ion pump that requires negligible user maintenance.
  • Comprehensive, fully integrated system diagnostics make Dragon a user-friendly amplification system, providing reference data for real-time assistance with spatial, spectral and energy optimization.  Multiple cameras make alignment quick and simple.  Extensive data logs allow remote observation of system configuration for diagnostic assistance
  • Beam quality can be optimized in real time, ensuring highest efficiency OPA performance. Greater then 40% conversion to signal + idler has been demonstrated.
  • Dragon is shipped with the customer’s preferred pulse duration: sub-25 fs or sub-30 fs.
  • Comprehensive software control


Dragon – D3

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