Higher energy in a single box

RAEA HE and HE+ systems drastically simplify the way we get to higher energies in Ti:sapphire lasers. These systems allow you to get up to 8 mJ out of a single-stage, single-box system. 

Less to worry about

Typically, getting to these energy levels would require multiple boxes carefully coupled together in order to produce a single compressed beam. We’ve improved the design to remove your worries about instability and constant realignment between multiple stages and, instead, allow you to have a higher energy beam with half the fuss.

With room to grow

Though the single box solution can reach power levels up to 8 mJ, additional system options can improve your power up to 20 mJ. Please contact our sales team at sales@kmlabs.com for further details.

Simplifying service

RAEA is designed to maximize your experimental up-time. Remote alignment capabilities mean that system tune-ups can be done without the need for a full service visit and, with drop-in modules, the parts of the system that need to be serviced by hand can be sent directly back to the factory for repair without the need for scheduling an onsite visit or tearing down the entire system.

Unique flexibility

With the RAEA HE system, you don't need to sacrifice pulse energy for system flexibility. With an operating range of 1 to 5 kHz, you have the option to use your system for multiple experiments with just one box. The RAEA system also offers unique computer-controlled tuning of your system's repetition rate, meaning that the only thing you need to do to access your system's full range of use is to select a new settings profile.  

S. Backus, R. Bartels, S. Thompson, R. Dollinger, H.C. Kapteyn, and M. M. Murnane, “High‑efficiency, single‑stage 7‑kHz high‑average‑power ultrafast laser system,” Optics Letters, Vol. 26, pp.465‑467, 2001.

KMLabs: pioneer in cryo-cooling

The award-winning Permacool™ cryo-cooling technology patented by KMLabs is at the heart of the HE and HE+ configurations, allowing you to push your system harder without having to worry about the thermal lensing that can distort your beam in both time and space in other systems. KMLabs’ 20+ years of experience in cryogenically cooling Ti:sapphire crystals have allowed us to fine-tune this technology to make the best use of it in your system.


  • High harmonic generation (click for details on our HHG capability)
  • Materials characterization
  • Femtochemistry
  • THz generation
  • Pump-probe experiments

Committed to the cutting edge

KMLabs has always been and continues to be uniquely understanding of the individual needs of high-end, cutting-edge laboratories. Please contact KMLabs sales at sales@kmlabs.com for modified system requests, or to request a collaboration project that advances science.