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KMLabs WyvernTM ultrafast amplifier, combined with the KMLabs XUUS high harmonic generation (HHG) source, provides the first ultra-stable, engineered, coherent EUV beams at flux levels enabling a broad range of applications in spectroscopy and imaging, including at the technologically significant EUV lithography wavelength of 13.5 nm (≈ 92 eV).

KMLabs XUUS maximizes the conversion efficiency of laser to HHG beams through phase-matched conversion in hollow waveguides. Several key elements of a workhorse XUUSTM HHG tabletop x-ray laser system include:

  1. An optimally-implemented, differentially-pumped, waveguide geometry for high" harmonic generation. This ensures optimal HHG phase matching, low gas load, and a compact setup for high stability.
  2. A robust high average power, high repetition-rate, femtosecond laser that has been optimally designed and engineered for high HHG flux, i.e., high average power, low pulse pedestal so that all the laser power is useful, optimized pulse duration, and high beam quality.
  3. An EUV beamline delivery system engineered for excellent HHG intensity and wavefront stability, that are critical for most applications. This minimizes losses and manages thermal loading. This makes it possible to provide a stable, high-quality output beam for applications. KMLabs has supplied their XUUS system for several years as a fully integrated and specified system with their Dragon and Wyvern ultrafast laser systems.
  4. Demonstrated ability to implement record sub-wavelength EUV imaging, as well as a host of attosecond-resolution EUV ARPES, MOKE, COLTRIMS and VMI spectroscopies.

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