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July 3 – 5, in Shanghai, China, booth 7.1B112

XUUS5 Rendered Drawing-1Transientek, the sole distributor of KMLabs in China, will have a joint booth with Anhui Crystro Crystal Materials, located at 7.1B112.  Swing by to learn about KMLabs’ latest generation XUUS 5 high harmonic generation source for bringing laser-like EUV radiation to your lab.  

Also, get a sneak peak into our new line of sophisticated Arterium vacuum beamline solutions.  

 Arterium Filter Wheel Module

KMLabs Arterium Filter Module with 28-filter capacity


What applications do you have in mind for your lab???  Come visit us to discuss new ideas for the VUV to EUV to SXR range!

Key wavelengths applications


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