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Dan Hickstein, Hyperion Product Manager at KMLabs, gave a CLEO talk on May 13th, discussing our latest developments in laser sources for the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) range. The Hyperion VUV laser system, based on patent-pending "highly cascaded harmonic generation," produces highly coherent laser beams in the 6 ~ 18 eV range with femtosecond pulses at MHz repetition rate.  The first few Hyperion VUV systems are being deployed now, intended for applications such as time and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy and photoionization mass spectroscopy.  

Weren't able to connect for the live webinar?  No worries...we've got you covered!  Tap play below to see a recorded version of his talk.


A Compact MHz-repetition-rate VUV Source: Implementation, Modeling, and Applications

Abstract:  Utilizing highly cascaded harmonic generation, we upconvert a MHz fiber laser to the vacuum ultraviolet (up to 18 eV). We apply the source to combustion-chemistry experiments and conduct numerical simulation to understand the nonlinear generation process.

Speaker:  Dan Hickstein (KMLabs)

AuthorsD. Hickstein, M. Kirchner, S. Domingue, J. Ramirez, B. Peterson, S. Backus, KMLabs| D. Couch, b. Ellison, N. Labbe, M. Murnane, H. Kapteyn, University of Colorado

Access the Technical PaperDownload PDF (Login Required – Available to Technical Attendees Only)


Filed under: High Harmonic, imaging, nanoscale characterization, photon absorption, VUV, ARPES, time-resolved ARPES, PIM, PEEM, chemical combustion, nanostructures, materials characterization, quantum, spectroscopy, surface-to-near-surface, ultrafast spectroscopy, Atom Probe Tomography, highly cascaded harmonic generation

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