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Professor Henry Kapteyn was interviewed on CCTV to talk about the market and applications of ultrafast laser technology in China.

The American KMLabs company was born in 1994, thru the University of Colorado’s campus. Professor Henry C. Kapteyn, the company's co-founder, and his wife, Professor Margaret M. Murnane, are well-known for their pioneering work on the direction of cutting-edge femtosecond lasers. Professor Margaret M. Murnane is the inventor of the world's first femtosecond laser oscillator.

Professor Henry C. Kapteyn believes that the Chinese market is growing very fast, the scientific community is also very high, and outstanding young scientists have plenty of talents. KMLABS specializes in manufacturing high-energy, narrow-pulse, high-order harmonic (extreme deep UV to soft X-ray) femtosecond and even second lasers and is currently working strategically with Raytheon to expand its presence in the China market. Of the top universities to collaborate on the latest ultra-fast technologies and applications.

Check out his Interview at the 10:15 timestamp

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