Commercial Products

Ultrafast Ti:S Lasers

KMLabs is well known for producing industry-leading, broad-bandwidth, <12fs ultrafast Ti:sapphire lasers.  Our first product was a cutting-edge Ti:sapphire oscillator still in use by many leading ultrafast research groups world-wide.  Over the past two decades, KMLabs has expanded and enhanced the range of Ti:sapphire laser capabilities while leading the pack with cutting edge specifications.  We offer many oscillator versions for a wide range of customer applications.  All KMLabs Ti:sapphire lasers include user-adjustable bandwidth and center wavelength.  This level of customer control is enabled by the prism-based dispersion compensation inherent to our laser design.  Computerized control of the intra-cavity prisms means customers can control their laser with the click of a mouse.

Ultrafast Ti:S Laser/Amplifier Systems

The KMLabs™ family of amplifiers offer the largest series of single-stage solutions as well as the industries highest power kHz class Ti:sapphire lasers in the market today. The short pulses, high energy and excellent spatial profile provided by KMLabs patented Cryo cooled amplifiers are developed to remove the limitations placed on your project by other manufacturers and lets you control the specs. … Make sure you ask these questions!

Ultrafast 1um Fiber/Yb Lasers

KMLabs chooses the best technology available for our ultrafast systems. Sometimes, that means optical fiber and its robust, compact packaging for industrial applications.  We are also developing high power ultrafast Yb lasers based on our proprietary fiber technology as the seed source.  The pulse energies for these systems exceed the capability of fiber, so bulk Yb-doped materials are used for further amplification.  These systems will be tailored to ultrafast micro-machining and OPCPA applications.

High Harmonic Generation

High Harmonic Generation (HHG) represents a unique new technique for producing coherent (laser-like) ultrafast beams from the EUV to keV regions of the spectrum.  Instead of boiling electrons off a hot filament, in HHG a femtosecond laser plucks an electron from an atom, coherently accelerates it away from, and then back to, its parent ion.  When the electron recombines with the ion, its kinetic energy is coherently converted into a high harmonic photon.  To generate bright beams of high harmonic light, the laser and harmonic waves must propagate in phase throughout a medium to ensure that the signal from many atoms adds coherently.  KMLabs’ XUUS product accomplishes this careful propagation using a patented hollow waveguide technique.

Instruments and Accessories

In addition to femtosecond amplifiers, femtosecond oscillators, and EUV Generation, KMLabs offers a variety of products designed to add capability to ultrafast systems. Dispersion measurements are critical for ultrafast optics, coatings, and systems, and Chromatis is an instrument that provides the highest performance solution to this issue. The 2HG and 3HG accessories allow high power Second Harmonic Generation and Third Harmonic Generation. Eclipse is a pulse picker that enables careful and precise pulse selection from a higher speed train of pulses. And PointLock actively controls the pointing for a pump laser beam or for the ultrafast pulsed output.

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