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Reference eGuide: QM Quantum Microscope - Imaging

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Lab-based Platform Brings Time Resolution
and Synchrotron-level EUV Analytics

QM Quantum Microscope eGuide to Imaging ReferencesIntroducing KMLabs QM Quantum Microscope for next-generation imaging and analysis. This system is built on the company’s unique, coherent extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and vacuum ultraviolet laser (VUV) sources. The modular QM platform enables high contrast, near-surface-to-subsurface coherent imaging at the nanoscale and can be configured for EUV ultrafast spectroscopy.

Enabling tabletop-scale EUV microscopy, QM is the first new nanoscale microscopy technique for materials since the introduction of scanning-probe techniques; it offers information complementary to SEM (nm-scale resolution) and AFM (surface profile) with elemental selectivity and the ability to probe dynamic processes.

E-Guide: Imaging References

Download our compendium of references for imaging techniques. Included: abstracts, authors, citations, images. 

Additional e-Guides available for spectroscopy, pump-probe, ultrafast. Request Advanced Analytical References.

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