High Harmonic Generation

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The eXtreme Ultraviolet Ultrafast Source (XUUS4) is our 4th generation instrument that enables ultrafast amplifier users to convert IR output to the Extreme UV (EUV) or Soft X-Ray region. The EUV light is fully coherent and “laser like” light, with user-selectable peak wavelengths between 13 and 47 nm. Applications include EUV lithographic metrology, lensless imaging, and high spatial/ temporal resolution pump-probe experiments.  Explore the uniquely powerful combination of our Wyvern amplifiers combined with the XUUS4.

The XUUS4 has features and performance only available from KMLabs:

  • Patented high harmonic conversion in a waveguide for optimum conversion, stability, and minimum gas usage.  EUV output 10^12 ph/sec for the most demanding applications
  • Active, 4-axis input beam pointing stabilization.  Includes diagnostic cameras for performance monitoring and alignment control.
  • Graphical, intuitive software control
  • Stable, industrial optical mounting on a temperature stabilized platform
  • A growing family of beamline modules to make best use of this source
  • Design based upon many years of R&D and 4 generations of optimization
  • Wavelength is user-selectable, though not arbitrarily tunable
  • Highly coherent “laser-like” EUV light
  • User-selectable peak wavelength between 26 eV (47 nm) and 95 eV (13 nm)
  • Infrared beam launch optics
  • Gas regulation system

Explore the links (left side) to the KM research group at JILA for more info on applications such as photoelectron spectroscopy, nanoscale energy transport, and dynamics of magnetic and spintronic systems.  Nanoscale imaging using the technique of Coherent Diffractive Imaging is the latest application for the KMLabs XUUS product. Read about it in the cover article of this months’ issue of Laser Focus World.  These remarkable images were obtained using the Ptychography CDI technique, pioneered by Phasefocus Ltd.